Outbrain launches its new Outbrain Academy training course


The course provides actionable best practices and expert insights to drive traffic and influence buyer behaviour

Outbrain has announced the launch of its new Outbrain Academy training course, ‘Unlocking Performance with Native’.

The recommendation platform’s new global course is an on-demand training that provides data-driven marketers and publishers actionable best practices and expert insights to drive traffic and influence buyer behaviour.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, so too do the strategies and platforms that brands use to reach their target audiences.

Advertisers are increasingly looking beyond search and social media to connect with consumers, and Outbrain’s launch of ‘Unlocking Performance with Native’ comes at a crucial time.

Outbrain’s research shows that 95% of consumers have a negative attitude towards brands that disrupt their online experience. This underscores the importance of developing targeted, unobtrusive campaigns that deliver value to users.

The Outbrain Academy was created to provide marketing and media professionals with the latest tools, insights, and techniques needed to succeed in today’s constantly changing digital landscape.

In other recent findings, native ads were shown to be 44% more trustworthy than paid social ads according to consumers. The Outbrain Academy is essential for anyone looking to stay ahead of this curve.

In four short modules, this academy course explores solutions for online advertising as digital moves away from cookies. Marketers will learn how to expand their reach to other channels beyond social media, and discover ways to drive customer engagement and action with content. Additionally, they will learn how to improve their bidding strategy and increase their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Andrew Burke, managing director, APAC and Growth Markets (India, China, Brazil) at Outbrain, said: “As technology advances rapidly, it is crucial to keep up with the latest changes in the digital world.

“Staying current with new platforms and how they operate can give marketers a significant advantage. We want to help publishers and brands unlock the true performance of native advertising by leveraging our deep expertise in this space.”

“Native ads are one of the most exciting and rapidly growing areas in digital marketing. Our goal is to build a community of experts who understand how to leverage our recommendation platform and truly unlock the potential of the open web,” he added.

Designed for media planners, buyers, and marketing professionals who are familiar with digital platforms, the course looks for new ways to improve campaign performance.

The course will also cover different KPIs, latest formats, and innovative tools that enable native advertising to be a strong driver of business growth.

Eugenia Yeung, national content partnerships and communities lead at Reprise, also added that the demand for advanced tools is growing.

“The Outbrain Academy is exactly what the industry needs. Having more sophisticated techniques to help us place our ads on the right media properties will help us reach new audiences and scale our campaigns.”

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