Outbrain partners with Cedara to support decarbonisation efforts


Plus: The company has also announced the launch of its Smart Throttling tool

Outbrain Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with end-to-end carbon intelligence platform, Cedara, to support Outbrain and its customers’ sustainability and decarbonisation efforts. 

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The partnership will allow Outbrain to share in-depth emissions measurements with its advertiser partners, including those running on Onyx by Outbrain. It will also enable the company to comprehensively measure carbon emissions across its global organisation. 

The company has also announced the launch of its Smart Throttling tool – a response prediction model that uses machine learning to predict and recommend the most valuable requests for its DSP partners. Smart Throttling has been deployed on 80% of Outbrain’s traffic and has reduced the number of requests while maintaining revenue expectations for publisher partners.

According to Cedara’s measurement, Outbrain’s Smart Throttling capabilities saved 675 metric tons of CO2e in its first week of testing – a number equivalent to nearly 76,000 gallons of petrol. 

Outbrain will use Cedara’s technology to assess its own current baseline, analyse data to identify areas for improvement, and allow advertisers to gain visibility into the emissions that have come from their campaigns. The partnership also supports the industry-wide initiative Ad Net Zero, aimed at decarbonising the production, distribution, and publication of advertising. 

Yaron Galai, co-founder and co-CEO of Outbrain, says: “Outbrain is committed to shaping a better and more sustainable digital advertising ecosystem, and our partnership with Cedara combined with our Smart-Throttling tool will give us another avenue to support our premium publisher partners while addressing the need to reduce carbon emissions and ensure advertisers have a transparent way to measure the impact of their campaigns. 

“Our direct integrations with many of the most prestigious publishers across the globe make us supply-path-optimised by design, and this added layer will enable us to strengthen our focus on sustainability to continue building deeper partnerships with advertisers.”

David Shaw, CEO and co-founder of Cedara, says: “Cedara is thrilled to further enable Outbrain’s commitment to sustainability, while supporting their publisher and advertiser partners’ own paths to net zero. We applaud Outbrain’s industry-leading efforts at both an organisational and technological level in decarbonisation.”

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