Optus announces free Netflix and Presto streaming on mobile

From today, Optus customers will be able to access unlimited streaming of Netflix and Presto on its mobile network without being charged data costs.

Customers of its $100 or $120 mobile plans receive unlimited access as part of their deals. However, users on lower cost plans can add the service for $10 per month. This price does not include the cost of subscribing to either service.

Tim Cowan, head of mobile marketing at Optus, said “Our customers tell us they want the freedom to watch the latest TV show or listen to their favourite band, on the go. But we know that fear of using too much data is the biggest obstacle to making mobile streaming part of their daily entertainment habits.”

Optus reports that its customers are watching an average of eight hours’ worth of subscription video content a week.


“A customer who watches an hour of video content every day can use more than 10 gigs of data a month. With Optus’ data-free Mobile TV streaming, customers can now stream to their heart’s content without the worry of what it means for their next bill,” Cowan said.

Under its new revised streaming offer, customers on select plans will also not be charged for streaming via Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, or Pandora. Optus does stress that content such as downloads is excluded from both data-free offers.

“With Optus offering more entertainment options to customers than ever before, they will be able to enjoy the best in TV, movies and music, streamed data-free, wherever they may be using the Optus mobile network.”

“Netflix and Presto are just the start of our Mobile TV platform. We look forward to adding even more of the video content that our customers know and love over the coming months. We’re working closely with a range of Australian and global content providers to ensure we can give customers choice when it comes to data-free streaming,” Cowan said.

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