oOh!Media reveals findings from its Mindset, Moments and Movements of Australians report


The goal of the report is to help better understand the way people are moving, utilising, and experiencing public spaces

oOh!Media has released the finding from its 2023 Mindset, Moments and Movements of Australians report. 

The How Aussies Move report was commissioned by the outdoor advertising and conducted by the independent strategic research company, Pollinate.

The report noted that the world has become much smaller over the past few years, and so has the field of view and perspective.

But with those unprecedented times well behind, out-of-home’s has gathered momentum, and consumers have shifted their mindset from inward to outward. Mindsets have shifted, consumers have adopted new norms, and priorities have been recalibrated.

Over the past year, Australians have embraced the outdoors with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

The report noted that the goal of the How Aussies Move report is to help us all better understand the way people are moving, utilising, and experiencing public spaces. It dives into Australians’ mindsets, moments, and movements in 2023.

The How Aussies Report found the current shift in mindset among Australians reflects a growing trend towards prioritising health and wellbeing for themselves and those around them.
Among the interesting data, the report found that 82% of Australians prioritise their ‘wellbeing’ over the next three years, 71% say they “Work to Live”, while only 15% say they “Live to Work”.
The oOh!Media report noted that Australians are finding a greater sense of purpose and meaning and a more balanced approach to work and life. The shift in mindset leads to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling way of life for many Australians.
The data also found that Australians love to show, with retail spending per capita higher than in the UK and Canada. According to the report, one reason for this is the prevalence of supermarkets in Australian retail centres and malls, making them a go-to destination for everything from groceries to designer clothing and entertainment.
“With new technology and innovative shopping experiences, retailers are finding new ways to engage customers and enhance the shopping experience. The future of retail in Australia is looking bright, and Aussies will continue to be enthusiastic shoppers for years to come,” the report noted.
So how can brands make the most out of their Out of Home campaigns, reach busy Australians and drive campaign ROI?
According to the oOh!Media study, the first is to think multi-format. This can be done by leveraging multiple advertising formats, such as billboards, street furniture, office, fly and retail media, to reach audiences across multiple touchpoints.
The report also noted the importance of targeting key suburbs and areas where your target audience is likely to present.
Secondly, it also noted the importance of following the audience. Out of Home has never been in a better position to deliver cost-effective reach, despite the rise of digital media, and remains highly effective in audience reach.
Finally, the report highlights the use of data-led planning. Brands can more accurately target their advertising to specific audiences thanks to the increasing availability of data.
By leveraging transactional data and other metrics, brands can gain insights into audience behaviour and make informed decisions about how to optimise their campaigns, which is particularly relevant for out-of-home advertising.

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