Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa announce a MAFS dinner party for listeners

mafs Fitzy & Wippa

• MAFS Groom Bryce has announced that he and his wife Melissa are coming together

Today on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, it was announced that they will be hosting their own MAFS Dinner Party for listeners next week. At the party, listeners can wine and dine with their favourite Married At First Sight contestants. 

Listeners who attend will also be able to submit their own questions to Nova’s honesty box, with questions that will be read out on the night. 

MAFS Groom Bryce joined Fitzy & Wippa this morning announced that he and his MAFS wife Melissa are coming together, saying “I’ll get pitchforked, I can’t wait!”. 

Sarah McGilvray jumped in with “probably by your mum, how did you feel about that?”, in reference to a recent episode where Bryce and Melissa were put in an empty movie theatre with their families on a Zoom call up on the screen. Neither family seemed happy with the clips they’d been shown, with Bryce’s mum giving him a particularly good telling-off.

She not my plus one that’s for sure!” said Bryce. “I love my mum but she did a number on me didn’t she.. I said “come on mum, don’t tell me to lie on national TV, you know I’m not a great liar!”.

Wippa replied “when we have our dinner party I need you to bring all of the honesty that you’ve had on the show, all the honesty you can turn up to dinner with that”.

More of the attending cast will be announced soon. 

The 2021 MAFS Dinner Party is a follow up to the 2019 event which was also hosted by Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa. Video of that explosive dinner party can be watched here.

Listeners can enter through Nova’s website to win tickets to the event, by describing who their favourite Married At First Sight contestant is and why in 25 words or less. The link to enter is here.

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