Nova launches an imprez-ive competition to win Kate Ritchie’s Subaru Impreza

Nova - Kate Ritchie Imprez-her

“Talents for the competition can range from a lovely singing voice, a mind-blowing story, or the funniest joke you’ve ever heard”

Nova has launched a competition for breakfast show listeners to have a chance to win Kate Ritchie’s Subaru Impreza.

Listeners must register or call 13 24 10 during Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie, with their special skill to impress Ritchie.

Ritchie purchase the car before Christmas of 2019 and admitted that she “felt a little bit sad” that her car would be up for grabs.

Her co-host Fitzy asked if she considered herself a good driver, to which she answered: “I am a great driver. And I’m an awesome parker. I can park incredibly well. I think I must have grown up having to reverse park on Oxford Street Paddington.”

Speaking of her car, she highlighted: “It has looked after me, it has taken Annie to the park and my daughter to school.”

Talents for the competition can range from a lovely singing voice, a mind-blowing story, or the funniest joke you’ve ever heard. This morning, the breakfast show kicked it off with three callers trying their best to impress Kate.

First up was Amy from Campbelltown who told audiences a story about a ghost warning a nurse that her patient was arresting.

“Okay I have a crazy, crazy story. So I’m a nurse, I was doing night shift. And one of the girls I don’t know, she might have gone out to a car to have a smoke. But anyway, she gets stopped on her way back to the ward by a man saying like frantic like you’ve got to go in, you’ve got to go and check on the lady in bed 20,” she recalled.

“And so anyway, she comes back to the board. She’s like, she runs down and we all go this lady our patient was arresting. So, she was fine. It was fine. We set like did CPR called the Met team and she goes to ICU and return to our ward,” she said.

“So anyway, when she comes back to the ward, her family were there, kids and whatnot, and we’re like, oh, where’s your husband? Because he’s like, my wife. You gotta go to bed 20. And they’re like, he died years ago,” Amy revealed.

“We think what was her ghost husband talking to the girl because there was no explanation. It was an old man. He was frantic. Like, no. How would anyone know like, and had we I know me too. I still everyone’s there. And even if we did not go in there, then like, it would have been a different outcome,” she added.

Gulie from Peakhurst followed up with a story of how she met Freddie Mercury. She recalled: “I’m 54 I’m driving a Ford that’s got 320,000 K’s on it. I need your car. I really need your car. I camped out at the Sydney show entertainment center in the car park.

“I got to get backstage passes to meet Queen, Freddie Mercury, signed autographs. I got into the backstage party. And it’s just been amazing story how we did it honestly just pure just from standing there and just honestly pouring my heart out to these guys,” she added.

Guile got a backstage pass and had the opportunity to speak to him, and signed her autograph book at the backstage party.

Rounding out the three entries was Melissa from Gymea who showed off her impressive vocal impression Celine Dion singing My Heart Will Go One.

The competition continues for Kate to find the most impressive act that will win her Subaru Impreza.

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