Nine’s Parental Guidance crowns the couple with the best parenting style

Parental Guidance

• Ten sets of parents have persevered through some of the toughest parenting challenges

Channel Nine’s Parental Guidance, averaging almost one million viewers per episode across all platforms, has crowned the parents with the best parenting style: Penny and Daniel, the “free-rangers”. 

Penny and Daniel, who were awarded with the best parenting style by the other parents participating in the program, said: “We don’t feel that our parenting style is better than others, the real win is the experience we have all shared. We have gained so much from the other parents and we just feel really grateful for that.”

Over the past three weeks, ten sets of parents have persevered through some of the toughest parenting challenges and an agenda of confronting but important discussions that divided the nation. One of the most heated topics was smacking and what it achieved in disciplining children, as well as having the right conversations around stranger danger, how far to push your child to be the best, and dealing with screen time on digital devices.

Host Ally Langdon said: “It’s been great to celebrate so many different parenting styles and I’m definitely a better parent from this experience, so my kids say thank you! I’m glad it has started so many important conversations. At the end of the day, we love our kids regardless of the style we choose to be parents.”  

Ally’s co-host, Australian parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson, said: “Parental Guidance has created valuable conversations about parenting right around the country. I’ve been inspired by so many people who have told me that watching the show has led to important insights in the way they bring up their children, and exciting changes that have made their families happier.

“It has been brave, confronting, provocative, but also touching, inspiring and wonderfully human. I’m grateful to have been a part of Parental Guidance, and hope it has entertained and helped many Aussie families.”

Top Image: Dr Justin Coulson and Ally Langdon

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