Nine Upfront 2021: Nine partners with Adobe to offer people-based marketing with Audience Match

Audience Match

• Coles has been announced as the exclusive launch partner for Audience Match

At the Nine Upfront 2021, the company announced Audience Match – a custom destination designed to give marketers the ability to activate people-based audiences across all of Nine’s properties. Coles has been announced as the launch partner for the new product.

This will see Nine develop a purpose-built solution directly into Nine through Adobe’s data management platform (DMP), Adobe Audience Manager. Audience Match will allow Nine to assist brands in matching their customer data to Nine’s 13m registered users through one streamlined integration.

Brands will be able to connect with Nine’s audiences by enabling people-based activation of first-party data that customers have agreed to share across Nine’s premium content.

Audience Match will allow Australian marketers to move from targeting devices to communicating with their known customers in an automated and privacy-safe way.

“Audience Match will help facilitate people-based marketing across Nine, leveraging our signed-in audience of 13m Australians and seamlessly bring together the power of premium content and people-based data to create personalised customer experiences,” said Michael Stephenson, Nine’s chief sales officer.

“This partnership gives Australian marketers a unique alternative to both traditional media players and new digital platforms in terms of bringing a quality content environment together with data at scale.”

Nine’s chief sales officer Michael Stephenson and Adobe Australia and New Zealand managing director Suzanne Steele

Audience Match will offer marketers the ability to use rich customer data from online and offline sources to segment and more effectively reach their known customers. Marketers can also build look-a-likes of their customers to provide personalised experiences or suppress their audiences to improve media efficiency.

Stephenson commented: “Audience Match will match hashed email addresses from an advertiser’s data with Nine’s audience data, creating a fully-addressable audience that’s not dependent on cookies with every ad impression linked back to an actual person.

“This partnership is extremely important as we know the businesses that will lead in the years to come are those who can bring together data sets across multiple platforms to form an in-depth view of their customers built off their user identity.”

Audience Match will be immediately made available across 9Now including the ability for advertisers to target their own audiences in the living room on a connected TV. In the first half of next year, Nine will roll out Audience Match across its other digital properties.

“The scale and functionality of Audience Match, combined with the publishing depth of Nine’s digital properties, will allow brands to unlock opportunities, enabling more meaningful engagement for both brands and customers,” said Suzanne Steele, managing director for Adobe Australia and New Zealand.

Coles has signed on as the exclusive launch partner for Audience Match. This partnership will allow Coles to market to real people, rather than a device and provide its customers and viewers with personalised and relevant information and offers.

Coles will be able to upload hashed email addresses and customer datasets into Coles’ instance of Audience Manager and select Nine as a custom destination. This enables Coles to transfer their data into Nine for Nine to match, segment, buy and optimise value across Nine’s properties.

Coles chief marketing officer, Lisa Ronson, said: “Coles is undergoing a digital transformation to ensure we are providing our customers with the most seamless interactions with our brand. This partnership is so important to ensure we are making the most of all the communications we have.

“We need to provide our customers with the most relevant and personalised information so they can make the most informed decisions about what they need and how they shop. We are thrilled to be the launch partner in this initiative because it will help our marketing team make the best decisions on where and how we should communicate.”

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