News web rankings: Nielsen reports ABC climbs a spot, News still #1 grew 7% when compared with prior year

December 2017 digital news rankings released this week by Nielsen revealed that (5.6 million) remained the top news entity and grew 7% when compared with prior year.

In second place were ABC News websites (4.5m, +8%), which moved up from third when compared to December 2016, switching places with (4.4m, +3%), which secured the third spot. (3.8m, +4%) remained in fourth place.

In comparison with December 2016, there were changes in the ranking order for the next six news entity rankings. Yahoo7 News websites (3.0m, +21%) moved from seventh to fifth place, followed by Herald Sun (2.4m, +9%), which jumped from ninth place to sixth place.

Daily Mail Australia (2.3m, -14%) which had previously held fifth place in December 2016, moved back to seventh place. Next was The Guardian (2.2m, -13%), which dropped from sixth to eighth, and BBC (2.2m, -10%), which moved into ninth place from eighth place. Lastly was MSN News (2.1m, +6%), which moved into the top 10.

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