News media reaches nine in ten Australians across digital and print

• Australian news media reaches nine in ten Australians (94%)

News media reaches large and engaged audiences across digital and print platforms, as publishers continue to innovate and readers seek out trusted, professionally generated news, reports NewsMediaWorks as it releases the latest readership data.

Australian news media reaches nine in ten Australians (94%), or 17.6 million people aged 14+, the latest emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data for July 2019 shows.

Across measured digital platforms news media reaches 15.5 million Australians, representing 83% of the population aged 14+.

At the same time, print audiences remain strong with 13.1 million, or seven in ten Australians (70%), choosing print news formats.

NewsMediaWorks CEO, Peter Miller, said that the emma data clearly demonstrates the power of news media and the ongoing demand for its content across multiple platforms from consumers.

“Editorial and commercial publisher innovation was evidenced last week at the industry’s News Media Awards and demonstrated how our news brands engage, inspire, challenge and delight their readers. This was evident across digital and print platforms that have also delivered some of the best and most innovative solutions available for advertisers. Complementary platforms provide increased relevance, innovation and the ability for in-depth story telling, which is why we remain the most trusted media channels in the country4,” he said.

“Trusted journalism and news media innovation were the central themes at last week’s INFORM 19 conference, summed up with gusto by speaker Professor Scott Galloway from NYU when he said: ‘Journalists are the best police force that doesn’t carry guns and badges’.”

The top 10 most read mastheads in Australia continue to deliver large scale, influential audiences. As these mastheads add new ways to talk to audiences, they continue to grow their ability to reach Australians at scale.

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