Escape takes viewers on a world tour in new eight-part travel show, Escape To…

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The series enables audiences to book and buy the same travel experience while they’re watching

News Corp’s travel brand Escape will launch a new eight-part travel show, Escape To… from February 12 on

Taking viewers on a world tour, Escape To… is hosted by Merrick Watts and intrepid reporters Lizzy Hoo and Tyson Mayr, along with members of the Escape team.

From Fiji to Uluru, and Singapore to the French Riviera, Escape To… is a new type of travel show that puts viewers in control of where, how and when they watch.

The series enables audiences to book and buy the same travel experience while they’re watching, directly from

News Corp Australia’s editorial director of premium food, health and travel Kerrie McCallum said Escape To… is entertaining, informative, interactive and bookable, and really brings the Escape brand to life.

“It’s so inspiring, you watch it and you want to travel,” McCallum says. “Our mantra is ‘we make everyday a holiday’, seeking out the best holidays around the world for consumers.”

“Through this show, audiences will get to know the brand, its contributors and team better. These are trips we’ve taken and enjoyed, hopefully our audience does too.

“It’s been designed to allow viewers to experience each destination in different ways, from relaxation to adventure or the epicurean way. Consumers will get to dig into a destination and see multiple sides to each location.

“Our video audience has been growing rapidly and producing a digital first travel show felt like the logical next step in the evolution of the brand. It’s modern and relevant to where the audience is at right now.”

ESCAPE TO TV SHOW – Tyson Mayr, Lizzy Hoo, Merrick Watts.

Escape To… launches with travel operator Emerald Cruises as the primary partner.

Scenic Group, general manager sales & marketing A-PAC Anthony Laver said: “Scenic Group is delighted to be a primary partner of Escape’s innovative digital travel show called Escape To…. This is the ideal platform to showcase the Emerald Cruises luxury yacht and river cruises to the readers of Escape.

“We are excited to be part of the Escape To… launch program, with Emerald Azzurra featured in the first episode. This signifies our commitment to investing with News Corp Australia in innovative digital partnerships to deliver high quality travel content and inspirational stories.”

Escape To… will premiere weekly on from Sunday February 12. The series will be amplified across the News Corp Australia Network.

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