News Corp unites business to form 2024 Olympics team

News Corp

News Corp’s chair of the editorial board Mick Carroll will return as Olympic editor.

News Corp has announced that, for the first time, it will bring its entire business together under one umbrella to cover the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. 

Its coverage will incorporate talent from its daily and regional masthead, The Australian,, Fox Sports, and Sky News Australia as well as lifestyle titles including Vogue, Body+Soul, Escape and delicious.

The 45-strong Olympics team will feature Fox Sports stars Matty Johns and Hannah Hollis, journalists Robert Craddock, Jacquelin Magnay, Jessica Halloran, Julian Linden and Jon Ralph as well as guest analyst in former Olympic swimming star James Magnussen.

News Corp’s national weekend editor and chair of the editorial board Mick Carroll will return as Olympic editor while Fox Sports managing director Steve Crawley will act as Olympic director. 

Carroll said while the team would provide 24/7 coverage of the major sporting events, News Corp Australia is in a unique position because it can leverage its other brands to amplify Olympic content, such as Vogue, Escape, stellar and Body+Soul.

“Paris is an incredible city so we’ll also be focusing on lifestyle content away from the sporting action, including travel, food, fashion and celebrity in order to appeal to a diverse audience. Not only is our journalism unrivalled but we’ll also use new and enhanced ways to tell the Olympic story which will better engage our audience across all of our platforms,” he said.

Across the 16 days of Olympic competition, News Corp will produce video podcasts, 24/7 digital coverage, print coverage, a special digital print edition, blogs, blogs and newsletters as well as commercial content for brands. 

Managing director national sales Lou Barrett said this approach opens new levels of integration for clients and takeovers across all of News Corp’s networks including sport, news, food, travel, women, prestige, home, business and auto.

“At News Corp Australia, we are committed to delivering tailored marketing solutions and going beyond off-the-shelf commercial packages,” she said.

“Through our client strategy and solutions arm, Newsamp, we’ll collaborate closely with brands to create bespoke marketing and content solutions. This enables us to offer clients much deeper integration, ensuring unparalleled visibility and engagement.”

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