News Corp Australia’s exclusive partnership with US-based tech firm Polar

• News Corp Australia’s managing director of digital solutions, Neil Robinson, comments

News Corp Australia has struck an exclusive local partnership with US-based technology firm Polar to use its world-leading Social Display product.

News Corp Australia has already run more than 100 Social Display campaigns across their network for brands including Chemist Warehouse, Sanitarium, Amazon, Latitude Financial, Australia Post and Tommy Hilfiger, delivering fantastic engagement levels which are eight times higher than standard display formats.

News Corp Australia’s managing director of digital solutions, Neil Robinson said: “The social web has, in many instances for brands, become the harmful web. It’s no coincidence that protecting brand reputation is increasingly top-of-mind in boardroom discussions.

“We’re now offering our clients a safe alternative whereby they can run their social advertising formats in our trusted, professionally produced and curated environments that deliver significantly higher engagement rates, brand recall and in-view results.

“This extension of our deal with Polar now gives our clients exclusive access to the Social Display format in Australia.”

News Corp Australia will use Social Display in combination with its data platform, News Connect, which allows more than 2000 audience segments to be targeted and for results to be accurately and transparently measured and reported.  

“Consumers trust premium environments and that trust leads to higher engagement with content and advertising,” said Robinson. “Social Display is a proven and successful way to place social media ads in highly trusted online environments. The result for clients is higher brand awareness, higher advertising recall and improved cost effectiveness.

“The combination of Social Display and News Connect gives marketers a powerful way to target 10.8 million Australians based on what they read and watch, what they do, what they buy and how they feel.”

Polar CEO Kunal Gupta said: “With the current concentration of spend on social platforms, what we have seen is that brands don’t have the time, budget or patience to build new creatives for the web. Our technology solves this problem and enables brands to easily repurpose their existing Facebook and Instagram creatives for distribution to new audiences in new places across News Corp Australia websites.”

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