News Corp Network Sales & NewsLifeMedia sales teams to merge

Expanded Network Sales team to launch on 20 May

• Expanded Network Sales team to launch on 20 May
• New team to be led by News Corp Australia’s COO, Network Sales, Sharb Farjami

News Corp Australasia’s Network Sales team and the NewsLifeMedia sales team are set to be integrated into an expanded team, led by Sharb Farjami.

NewsLifeMedia’s current director of sales & strategy, Paul Blackburn, will become commercial director, Lifestyle, and will report to Farjami.

News Corp Australasia issued the following press release: 

News Corp Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller today announced the integration of the company’s Network Sales team and the NewsLifeMedia sales team.

The new expanded Network Sales team will launch on May 30, and will be led by News Corp Australia’s chief commercial officer, Network Sales Sharb Farjami.

Sharb Farjami

Sharb Farjami

Paul Blackburn, currently NewsLifeMedia’s director of sales & strategy, will take on the new title of commercial director, Lifestyle, and will report to Mr Farjami.

Mr Miller said:  “The aim of all our commercial teams is to provide our clients with engaging, integrated and seamless campaign solutions which provide optimal results by utilising all our assets.

“Between them the Network Sales and NewsLifeMedia sales teams have world class expertise across print, digital, mobile, programmatic, audience insights, category specialisation, and developing creative and strategic commercial partnerships.

“As a combined force, we will ensure that the resources of these two teams are used in their best combination to meet our clients’ business objectives.”

Mr Farjami said: “As we create a truly full service multi-platform offering, encompassing paid media, data, content and technology solutions, the addition of NewsLifeMedia to our Network Sales team will enable us to deliver expertise, creativity and strategic solutions that are head and shoulders above anything else in market.”

NewsLifeMedia CEO Nicole Sheffield said: “Moving to a specialist content sales network last year has proven very successful for the NewsLifeMedia business. Our partnerships have never been stronger and our SMI data shows that our advertising performance is tracking incredibly well versus the industry average.

“Combining forces with Network Sales enables us to leverage our brands and our expertise with greater scale, bringing the best of both worlds together to continue to provide the most connected advertising solutions in market.”

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