News Corp’s We’re For You: How the publisher will measure campaign success

‘We have to absolutely maintain and ensure our brands our relevant’

As we finish our marathon look at News Corp’s We’re For You campaign, chief marketing officer Tony Phillips tells Mediaweek’s James Manning how the publisher will judge success of the campaign.

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Measuring success

Brand awareness will be an important measure of how the ad worked, but the cash register will be important too, Phillips told Mediaweek.

“This campaign is two things – we have to build our brand. We probably don’t suffer from a brand awareness problem though. Most people know who we are and what we do.

“We have to absolutely maintain and ensure our brands our relevant. We track that to make sure we still engage with our customer base.

“But absolutely we have to make certain this drives sales. We are in the business of selling what we produce, which pays for all our wonderful journalists… and people like me!”

The campaign goes wide from Sunday February 25 with a new We’re For You television commercial, which has a tailored version created for each state’s news brand.

There will also be an outdoor advertising campaign across the transit network in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as a radio and cinema campaign.

“It was very appropriate that we would launch the campaign for our business within our own mastheads,” said Phillips.

“Big companies like ours can launch great brands in print. We have started off with the editors committing to our customers, telling them what we are doing for them.”

Phillips this week noted that, in his current role and in previous marketing positions, price is only one factor when it comes to a buying decision. “It is all about emotional drivers,” he told Mediaweek.

“More people make a decision to go to a supermarket based on the emotional proposition than they do on the price proposition.”

We’re For You campaign credits:

Client: News Corp Australia
Chief Marketing Officer: Tony Phillips
General Manager Metro & Regional Marketing: Bettina Brown
Head of Brand and Media Services
: Louise Davis
: Big Red
Print and Digital Production: News Corp Australia Creative Services

Images: Further executions of the News Corp print ads across Australia this week telling readers about their products

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