New Mediaweek podcasts: ABC’s Aftertaste + Discovery’s Darren Chau

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• Culinary TV creations, and Discovery’s growing Australian slate

This week, two new Mediaweek podcasts delve into the culinary arts and giant opals.

Chefs reveal the right recipe for the new ABC comedy Aftertaste

Aftertaste star and co-producer Erik Thomson and co-creator Matt Bate join Mediaweek’s James Manning and Andrew Mercado to discuss their culinary TV creation. Which superstar chef did Thomson channel for his angry cook?

Listen to the podcast here.


After Taste

Factual TV special: Outback Opal Hunters and Aussie Gold Hunters

As a new season of the global hit Outback Opal Hunters launches this week, Discovery’s Darren Chau talks to Mediaweek about Australia’s biggest commissioner of international programming. Hear all about Discovery’s growing Australian slate, the new character The Bishop, and the biggest single opal haul ever discovered in the series.

Listen to the podcast here.

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