Netflix introduces mobile data controls

Netflix users attempting to access the service on mobile phones and other mobile network-connected devices have struggled to keep data consumption down. Users concerned about downloading too much data on their phones could adjust the quality settings on the Netflix website, but that would also change the quality on every device one watches Netflix on – including the home connected TV.

Users have now been given an alternative.

In a blog post to the Netflix corporate site, Netflix director of innovation Eddy Wu has revealed that an update to the Netflix app for iOS and Android will enable users to choose their own video quality streams on the app itself. Users selects App Settings from the menu, and they can then select the video quality they are happy consuming. The Low setting offers an average of 4 hours of viewing per gigabyte, Medium 2 hours, and High just 1 hour. The default setting, however, is just above the Low setting, permitting 3 hours of video per gigabyte.


As there are no local mobile providers who offer unlimited data consumption on their networks, this is welcome news for Australians who don’t want to be charged an excess for their viewing.

Netflix does advise that actual data usage can vary depending on device capabilities and network conditions.

Watching season 1 of Jessica Jones no longer has to cost a user $130 in 1gb Vodafone data blocks.

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