Netflix reveals its most talked-about shows of 2022 according to Australian audiences


Fans turned to Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms to share memes, hot takes, fan art, and tributes to the series they loved

Netflix has revealed the most talked-about shows of 2022 by Australian audiences on social media.

Fans turned to Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms to share memes, hot takes, fan art, and even personal tributes in reaction to the series they loved on the streaming service.

Whether it was quotes to live by, characters to be obsessed with, or viral trends that got the internet talking — these shows leapt off the TV and into Australian culture in 2022.


Season 4 of the hit sci-fi series became a phenomenon with a new generation of Aussie fans embracing the soundtrack of 80s hits. While Running Up That Hill shot to #1 on iTunes and Spotify 37 years after its original release, 1600 people gathered in Brisbane to sing the anthem which saves Max’s life.

The performance received glowing feedback from singer Kate Bush herself. Meanwhile Eddie’s iconic “This is music!” line took on new life as a meme shared by Australian musicians.

The series had such a hold on Australian fans that they saw Stranger Things vibes everywhere — from eerily foggy mornings to purple glowing weed farms.


A new generation of Heartbreak High fans emerged when Netflix rebooted the iconic 90’s series this year. Viewers across the country were quickly obsessed, sharing their favourite moments on TikTok, and their pride in a new Aussie show doing well

But it was the show’s commitment to representation that resonated with young Australian fans — authentically portraying autismqueerasexual and non-binary characters, and Indigenous representation.




Australians of all stripes, and especially our vibrant Indian community, celebrated the diversity in Bridgerton’s second season. Fans praised how the show celebrated Kate Sharma’s Indian heritage and the way the series showcased Bollywood music and traditional ceremonies.


Australians responded to After Life with intensely personal shows of openness and vulnerability, drawing outpourings of support from their own communities. The result was a moment of collective empathy for those who have been bereavedhealing from loss or who cope with an undercurrent of grief.


Fans all over Australia fell head-over-heels for Charlie and Nick when this new British series premiered on Netflix. They shared fan art (including from lead Bluey art director Daniel Costa) and even made their love permanent with tattoos. The Heartstopper books sold out across the country and the Netflix icons were highly anticipated.




The local demand around this sequel series to The Karate Kid hit new heights with Season 5 this year. Australians started petitioning Supanova ComicCon to bring the Cobra Kai cast to our shores! But it was Korean-Australian actress Alicia Hannah that sparked local fan conversation, with many excited to watch her in the series. Notable fans included John Birmingham and Stephani Bendixon.


For the return of this fan-favourite show, Australians rallied around local actress Elizabeth Debicki in the central role of Princess Diana.

A well of homegrown pride for the Australian actress—supported by a Sydney-based fan account—surrounded her elegant, powerful portrayal of Princess Diana. Fans compiled TikToks of the most iconic scenes of her in the show, and praised her realistic performance as the monarch.

The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki as Diana


When Season 3 dropped on Netflix this year, fans applauded the way Elliot Page’s transition was handled both in and outside the show, deeming it an important moment for the queer community. People celebrated the coming-out scene, highlighting the simplicity yet importance of the moment. Inclusivity advocates also celebrated the less visible, but equally important, change Page’s name in the credits


In only a few short weeks, Wednesday has become the third most popular English language TV series ever on Netflix, with 753M hours viewed.

The #WednesdayAddams hashtag has over 12B views on TikTok, and fans recreating Wednesday’s dance routine with “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga has gone viral. In Australia, fans have been praising the casting and performance of Jenna Ortega, and sharing fan art from New Zealand.


Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

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