Name Change: PlayersVoice is now AthletesVoice

The company also announced the completion of a new funding round and expansion of its product offering

Sports3.0 Pty Ltd, the parent company PlayersVoice, today announced a change to its sports storytelling platform with a name change from PlayersVoice to AthletesVoice two years after its launch in Australia.

The company also announced the completion of a new funding round and expansion of its product offering, including the launch of a fan and athlete data exchange and further automation of its ‘Athluencer’ distribution network which accesses more than 3,000 athletes.

Sports3.0 CEO Kerry McCabe said:  “Evolving to AthletesVoice is about absolute inclusion and unrestricted expansion. One thing we hadn’t factored at launch was the very large community of athletes we work with who do not identify as ‘players’ on any level. Removing that restriction, and other not so positive connotations with the ‘player’ description, became a bit of a no-brainer. The fresh identity also gives us freedom to grow the brand at home and overseas with the ability to compete and thrive against foreign entities whose interests and resources often serve to restrict competition and the growth of Australian businesses.

Kerry McCabe

” Our partners are telling us that the creation of our fan and athlete data exchange is well-timed. Quality data that is ethically sourced will be in very high demand as organisations invest to grow their customer base, share of consumer wallet and lifetime value of customers. Designed for the future ecosystem which will be much less reliant on cookies, the exchange will provide a single source of fan and athlete intelligence that is sports agnostic. We trust that this will also help solve the problem of many disconnected and overly narrow solutions in market today. We look forward to supporting brands, agencies and rightsholders in complementing their current marketing strategies to drive growth and improvement of their fan and athlete-related investments”.

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