The Music Network removes paywall, relaunches website

‘Today marks a new beginning for The Music Network.’

Music trade title The Music Network has removed its paywall and launched a new website as part of a suite of changes announced today.

The 24-year-old brand went digital-only in 2013, and was acquired by digital agency Jaden Social in 2017.

“Today marks a new beginning for The Music Network,” wrote Jaden Social CEO Jake Challenor in a note sent to subscribers.

“Our core business remains untouched: a premium charts service for record labels and the MusicDaily newsletter, sent to over 10,000 subscribers every workday.

“Our future, beyond the paywall, is in content and event partnerships, industry awards, podcasts and a yet-to-be-announced custom research and reporting product for the music industry.”

Challenor also announced the appointment of Brynn Davies to The Music Network’s editorial team. Davies is a former assistant editor of streetpress brand The Music, and founder of digital music media brand Lunchbox.

Davies joins features editor Elise Ferrari, contributing editor Christie Eliezer, charts editor Peter Tuskan, and new news editor Zanda Wilson.

In an explainer published on The Music Network’s website, Challenor outlined the other changes coming to the brand, which include:

• Music-based charts becoming publically available
• A move away from the subscription model and focus on new revenue streams
• A “vastly improved and mobile-friendly” website
• A new foray into events, awards and podcasts
• An increased presence at industry events

Read Challenor’s full explainer here.

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