MTV Australia launches exclusive new series with The Royal Stampede

The six-part series premieres every Wednesday

The Royal Stampede

MTV Australia this week launched an exclusive new series with The Royal Stampede, Adelaide based YouTube pranksters with over 1m subscribers. The six-part series, MTV Presents The Royal Stampede, premieres every Wednesday beginning June 7 and will be available worldwide on

MTV Presents The Royal Stampede is the first of several locally produced web series which have been commissioned for MTV Australia. Additional series will roll out later in the year.

Exclusive to MTV, the series features comedy duo Richy Sandman and Mark Reynolds as they trick unsuspecting bystanders in their local town of Adelaide and across Australia. The first episode, Obsessed Fan, features Geordie Shore’s Scotty T where he is stalked by a crazy, obsessed fan.

Other episodes include Dancing Grandma, Song in Public, You Are So Hot, Naughty Kids and Shitty Interns.

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