Millionaire Hot Seat celebrates 2500 episodes

Millionaire Hot Seat

Millionaire Hot Seat celebrates 2500 episodes on Monday, April 17 at 5.00 pm on Channel 9 & 9Now

Millionaire Hot Seat, Australia’s longest-running quiz show – which has given away more than $60 million in prizemoney – hits a new high on Monday, April 17, at 5.00 pm on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

The show hosted by Eddie McGuire, notches up its 2500th episode, with $1 million to be won and six contestants going for it. 

Millionaire Hot Seat started on Monday, April 20, 2009, and its first winner, Kate Hopkins, took home $20,000. Since then, Eddie has asked over 50,000 questions and greeted 15,000 contestants. 

Two people have hit the jackpot in Hot Seat history, winning the million dollars, seven have made it to the million-dollar question, and 34 contestants have won $250,000.

Antony McManus became only the second person ever to win one million dollars on the show in 2021. 

McManus earned a lifeline early in the episode and once in the hot seat, answered five questions correctly to reach the million-dollar question. While the pressure built, McManus used his lifeline and chose to switch the million-dollar question to this:

Which of these classic literary works was published first?

A: The Count of Monte Cristo 

B: A Tale of Two Cities 

C: War and Peace

D: Les Miserables

He correctly answered A: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, published in 1844. 

McManus said: “I know it’s a cliche, but winning Millionaire Hot Seat has absolutely changed my life.”

McGuire said: “What a special episode this will be! Congratulations to all the crew working behind the scenes to make 2500 episodes happen, and thank you to everyone that watches the show. It’s an honour to be Australia’s longest-standing game show.”

In the special edition of Millionaire Hot Seat, McGuire will recap 14 years of highlights from the show, reflecting on the biggest wins. 

Millionaire Hot Seat celebrates 2500 episodes on Monday, April 17 at 5.00 pm on Channel 9 & 9Now.

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