Mike Moore returns: D Gen trio reunited on Triple M drive

• He joined his wife Jane Kennedy and Molloy this week on Triple M drive.

One of the attractions on the FM band for people listening to drive radio is the teaming of Jane Kennedy and Mick Molloy on Triple M’s Kennedy Molloy national show.

The two performers first worked together as part of the D-Gen and also on TV’s The Late Show many, many years ago. They have been working beautifully as radio colleagues on Triple M for the past two years.

This week they had a special guest who doesn’t do a lot of media these days, especially with his wife, Rob Sitch.

A key member of the Working Dog team, Sitch these days works onscreen on Utopia, and his hard at work for many weeks of the year helping produce 10’s hit series Have You Been Paying Attention?

Sitch is perhaps remembered most fondly for his role as a current affairs TV host in the comedy classic Frontline.

He joined his wife Jane Kennedy and Molloy this week on Triple M drive.

The chat between the three ranged from dog walking (Rob came home one day leaving the family pooch tied up outside the local supermarket) to the one movie he has watched most (the original Die Hard – Sitch said he doesn’t recognise any of the sequels).

The trio reminisced about the days they hosted D-Gen breakfast on Triple M in the late 80s/early 90s. When Jane asked her husband if he enjoyed doing breakfast radio, Rob replied: “Noooo…it’s fair to say I’m a night owl.”

A highlight during his appearance was playing the audio for Rob Sitch’s performance during a “23FM five in a row” D Gen clip. Watch the clip here. [It is not included in the podcast for copyright reasons.]


Molloy said he didn’t like Sitch too much because he was an over-achiever. “You are a qualified doctor and you can fly planes and helicopters. You make us all look bad.’

Jane interjected: “He’s not very good around the house! But he does know how to stack a dishwasher.”

Sitch then spoke about the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon. Jane explained he has a special interest in that after making a movie about it – The Dish. He revealed the Working Dog team received a letter from the first person to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong praising the movie after he saw it.

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