Mercado on TV: Safe Home and North Shore from production houses Kindling and Beach Road

Safe Home

These must-see new series come from SBS and 10 and producers Imogen Banks plus David Maher and David Taylor

There are not one, but two new Aussie dramas beginning next week, and Safe Home (Thursday on SBS) and North Shore (Wednesday on 10) are both outstanding.

Safe Home is the perfect follow-up to Asking For It (SBS On Demand), the worthy docuseries about sexual consent. Now comes a drama about coercion, set in a family violence legal centre where new public relations officer Phoebe (Aisha Dee) works alongside Eve (Virginia Gay) and Jenny (Mabel Li).

It’s the subplot about a small-town wife, however, that will have you on the edge of your seat. Diana (Janet Andrewartha) is being systematically terrorised by husband Jon (Mark Mitchinson) who presents himself to the townsfolk as a caring partner. That’s not what’s happening and the growing sense of dread is palpable. One to watch.

Safe Home is Imogen Banks’ first series under her new production company Kindling Pictures.

Meanwhile, 10 is onto a winner with North Shore, a murder mystery created by Mike Bullen (Cold Feet). It kicks off with a body floating in Sydney Harbour, and there is a great Aussie cast including Kirsty Sturgess, Rhys Muldoon, Dan Spielman, Toby Truslove and Rob Carlton.

It’s the brilliant British cast, however, that hooks you in. John Bradley, playing a British detective, is absolutely superb. He steals every scene he appears in with his soulful face and calm manner. 10 should commission another series based around him and they could end up with one of the greatest police shows on TV.

Joanne Froggatt is also solid playing a UK politician and Matt Passmore, looking more like NSW Premier Chris Minns, plays a Labor Opposition leader. Can’t wait to see what happens next – an absolute must-see.

Several minor plot points from North Shore also feature in The Diplomat (Binge), a British drama where another supposed drowning victim is found with drugs in their system. Sophie Rundle is very believable as a British diplomat, working alongside a hot Spanish cast that includes Isak Feritz, Lara Costa and Philipp Boos.

Safe Home

North Shore: Golden Globe winner and three-time Emmy award nominee Joanne Froggatt (Liar, The Commons), Kirsty Sturgess (Thirteen Lives, Young Rock), and John Bradley (Game of Thrones, Moonfall)

North Shore is made by David Maher and David Taylor at their new company Beach Road Pictures and directed by Gregor Jordan.

The Diplomat is not to be confused with – but it will be – The Diplomat (Netflix), where Keri Russell plays an American diplomat in London. With a cast that includes Rufus Sewell, Rory Kinnear, Michael McKean and Aussie actress Penny Downie. It’s noisy and buzz-worthy, but don’t discount the other Diplomat which might quietly be telling a more intriguing story.

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