Mercado on TV: How Posh and Becks take back the narrative and tell all in Beckham


Plus Frasier reboot, Real Housewives return to Sydney, visit TV’s Channel 12 on The Box

It’s barely been released a week but everyone is talking about Beckham (Netflix) and I completely understand why. Sports documentaries aren’t really my thing, but this journey is riveting and irresistible viewing. And it’s not just about football, because Posh and Becks are one of the all-time biggest couples in pop culture. 

Again it is so fascinating to look back at recent history and realise that we were all joined in the media pile-on whenever anything went wrong for the golden couple. It’s good to see misjudged celebrities take back the narrative and tell the stories from their point of view. Massive thumbs up.


David Beckham

Frasier (Paramount+) has just made history by being the first TV spin-off to reboot itself with an entirely new premise. Kelsey Grammar’s character has moved back to Boston, but is yet to visit a certain bar called Cheers. None of them are yet to appear, and none of the original Frasier cast are back either.

Instead, there’s a whole new set of characters including Frasier’s blokey son, nerdy nephew and new work colleagues. Together they provide the same sort of dynamic that fans know and love. It’s a brave move, albeit one slightly on the old-fashioned side with its old-school multi-camera set and laugh track, but nonetheless, it’s a job well done. 


The Real Housewives of Sydney (Binge) has dialled down the nastiness of its first season and is now going for a lighter and camper feel. There are some laughs to be had, despite the content being lightweight and borderline ridiculous. And so far, there don’t appear to be any psychos in it .. yet.

The Real Housewives of Sydney

The Real Housewives of Sydney

After a several-year break, The Box (Crawfords DVD) is back with a new volume of 50 episodes. This classic soap, set in the fictional Channel 12, harks back to the golden days of television when it was run by people who loved the medium, rather than the money men of today. Volume 6 has just been announced to come out in November, and it looks like more is coming.

Don’t miss the second season of Aussie drama Wolf Like Me (Thursday on Stan) starring Isla Fisher, and the next spooky season of Shining Vale (Sunday on FoxShowcase and Binge) starring Courtney Cox. With Halloween just around the corner, expect more like this.

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