Mercado on TV: Disney+ showing record-breaking It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Another recommendation this week is Without Sin (7plus), the new ITV crime drama

The 16th season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia  (Disney+) is finally airing in Australia two months after the US. Renewed for two more seasons, it is already the longest live-action sitcom in TV history, and that’s because there is no other show on TV quite like it.

Beginning in 2005, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is described as “Seinfeld on crack”. This gang of sociopathic narcissists includes Charlie (Charlie Day), gay Mac (Rob McElhenney), gun-toting millionaire Frank (Danny DeVito) and twins Dennis (Glenn Howerton) and Dee (Kaitlin Olson, real-life wife of Rob McElhenney who also created the show).

The characters hang out with each other because they are codependent losers. None of them ever learn anything from their self-made disasters. And it’s a riot, particularly with Danny DeVito who seems to relish playing someone even more revolting than his breakout TV on Taxi (1978). 

It’s an easy show to dip in and out of, and new viewers could start easily watching from the start of this new season, despite it being episode 163. Within a few eps, you will even get to see DeVito’s real-life wife, Rhea Perlman, being called the c-word. Not for the faint-hearted, but a big thumbs up for everyone else.

Another recommendation is Without Sin (7plus), the new ITV crime drama. Nobody makes better crime dramas than the Brits, and they know how to keep things short and taut at just four episodes. The cast is headed by two real-life friends who once played an abusive father and daughter in This Is England and its TV sequels. 

While also being executive producers, Vicky McClure now plays a grieving mother while Johnny Harris plays the violent criminal locked up for her murder. McLure is one of those British actresses, alongside Suranne Jones, Sarah Lancashire, and Maxine Peake, who elevate everything they appear in. 

The Winter King (Stan) is the latest take on the ancient tale of Arthur and Merlin. After a Walt Disney cartoon (The Sword In The Stone), musical (Camelot), TV series (Merlin) and movies (Excalibur and King Arthur), now it’s getting a Game Of Thrones treatment. No thanks – I have more to say about the series on the TV Gold podcast this week.

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