Mercado on TV: Celebrate the return of RFDS and Only Murders in the Building


Plus Only Murders In The Building is back for its third season and has never been better

The long-awaited second season of RFDS (Tuesday on Seven) arrives next week but in a new timeslot at 9.15pm. Who will have the stamina to keep watching it after The Voice has run beforehand for close to two hours?

It’s cheaper to churn out longer reality shows rather than making classy but more costly one-hour dramas like RFDS, the only TV series right now telling real stories about the bush. 


The cast of RFDS

RFDS was one of the best series of 2021 and Seven should be celebrating its comeback. What’s not to love with a cast that includes Stephen Peacocke, Justine Clarke, Rob Collins, and Thomas Weatherall who just won a Logie for Heartbreak High.

Hot on the heels of the successful re-launch of Thank God You’re Here, another Aussie comedy is now screening in its wake. The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers (Wednesday on 10) is another hidden camera show but now with a bunch of mates taking the piss out of each other. Good to see more Aussie comedy on commercial TV, it made me laugh. 

Only Murders In The Building (Tuesday on Disney+) is back for its third season and it has never been better. It’s still got whip-smart dialogue, but now has special guest star Paul Rudd playing an A-list wanker, and special, special guest star Meryl Streep who is just phenomenal as a failed actor. Huge thumbs up.

Telemarketers (Foxtel and Binge) is a new three-part HBO documentary from high school dropout turned filmmaker Sam Lipman-Stern and his former drug addict workmate turned whistleblower Patrick Pepsas. They met at a dodgy telemarketing company working in some crazy conditions and now they are out to expose some serial scammers. Am rooting for them both to do well. 

Kitchen Cabinet (Tuesday on ABC) is back for its seventh season, but a lot has gone on in Canberra while it was off-air. When it started in 2012, it featured scandal-free politicians but now the casting is kind of questionable, given some of this year’s pollies have been accused of corruption. Is Annabel Crabb now hosting a makeover show? Sorry Kitchen Cabinet, but you’ve made me lose my appetite.

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