Meltwater data reveals the top streamed Australian reality TV shows of 2022


NSW was by far the state that did the majority of social talking about reality TV in Australia

Meltwater has released its data analysing the most streamed Australian reality TV shows of 2022 and how much engagement was draw on social media.

The data found a slight majority of the female audience (47.4%) talked the most about TV shows, with a close following of 44.9% male audience, with the majority aged 18-24.

It also found NSW was by far the state that did the majority of social talking about reality TV in Australia.



Of all the shows, Australian Survivor on 10 dominated in the first quarter before MasterChef stole the crown.

The competitive cooking show had the single best day on social media as the season finale aired. According to the data, on July 12, 7.5k social media posts about the show were made.

The place platform MasterChef posts were made on came from Facebook and TikTok. For  Australian Survivor, the most popular posts about the show were on Reddit and Twitter.

Meltwater ingests data from billions of social media conversations across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch and Chinese social channels WeChat, Douyin and Red every day.

This research tracked Australian mentions of major reality tv programs across publicly available posts on the noted channels.

Meltwater data revealed the top 10 Australian reality TV shows were:

1. MasterChef (with a Share of Voice by mentions of over 125K)
2. Australian Survivor (over 100k Share of Voice by mentions)
3. The Block (just under 100k Share of Voice by mentions)
4. Married at First Sight
5. I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!
6. Lego Masters
7. Australian Ninja Warrior
8. Love Island
9. The Real Love Boat
10. The Traitors

The Meltwater analysis also used automatic sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis (or opinion mining) is a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to determine whether a piece of text is positive, negative, or neutral.

The share of voice by sentiment widget provides insight into how social media content may be categorized as having positive, negative and neutral sentiment over a given period for the TV Shows being compared.

Meltwater used a natural language processing technology that can detect the sentiment toward an entity (person, place, company etc), sentence, or overall post.

That then project the sentence sentiment over the entities and key phrases that appear in a sentence and average to calculate entity/key phrase level sentiment of a social post. The sentiment of the post is the average sentiment of all sentences.

Meanwhile, Meltwater’s data on share of voice by Twitter impressions showed insight into the potential number of views of tweets over a given period matching the searches being compared.

Leading the way was MasterChef with 247 million impressions, followed by The Block at 171 million, and Married At First Sight at 149 million.

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