Mediaweek’s A to Z of 2023: A is for AI

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No Standing’s Scott Cleaver: “AI is not a fleeting trend but the bedrock of a new operational norm.”

To wrap up 2023, Mediaweek is looking at the biggest trends, events, platforms, and brands of the year. Welcome to Mediaweek’s A to Z of 2023 … and beyond.

By Scott Cleaver, chief innovation officer at No Standing

As the digital dawn of 2023 breaks, Australia stands at the forefront of an AI renaissance, an evolution that has seen the nation transition from a global AI apprentice to a maestro of innovation—especially within the marketing sector.

Investment and Integration

With Australian enterprises boosting their AI and ML investments by 65% in 2023, the AI landscape is not just a fleeting trend but the bedrock of a new operational norm. This surge in funding is driving a paradigm shift, with AI becoming an indispensable asset in deciphering consumer behaviour and streamlining marketing effectiveness.

A Year of AI Ascendancy

The inauguration of Australia’s first “AI Month”, a month dedicated to the achievements and possibilities of AI, is a celebration of its capability and potential. It’s an initiative that has placed Australia on the global stage, illuminating its commitment to AI’s advancement. This national focus on AI aligns with a broader revolution in data and analytics promises to redefine consumer engagement, marketing strategies and implementation across industries.

AI Startups: Pioneers of the New Age

The rise of AI startups in Australia paints a picture of a country that’s rapidly becoming an incubator for technological innovation. These emerging leaders are not only addressing today’s challenges but are also shaping tomorrow’s solutions—particularly in creating more resonant and dynamic marketing campaigns.

Looking Forward to 2024

As we venture into 2024, the trajectory of AI in marketing points towards a landscape rich with personalisation and engagement:

1. Hyper-Personalised Advertising: The proficiency of AI in analysing complex datasets will enable marketers to tailor campaigns with unparalleled precision, especially within the data-rich terrains of sports and gaming.
2. Creative AI: The content creation sphere, especially in entertainment and fashion, is ripe for disruption. AI will facilitate a new creative frontier, generating innovative content at an unprecedented pace and revolutionising market responsiveness.
3. Augmented Experiences: In gaming and sports, AI will further blur the lines between virtual and physical, crafting advertising experiences that are not just immersive but also intuitively interactive, thanks to the synergies of AR and VR technologies.
4. The Ethical Imperative: As AI’s prominence grows, so does the need for ethical stewardship. The imperative for transparency and responsible AI utilisation will become crucial in sustaining consumer trust, particularly in industries sensitive to data privacy.

The year 2023 will be chronicled as a landmark era for AI in Australia—a year that laid the groundwork for a new chapter in marketing where personalisation, creativity, and immersive experiences are not just aspirations but expectations.

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