Mediaweek TV guide – 29 August 2016

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado

Married At First Sight
8.40pm on Nine
How much reality is too much reality? This week viewers have to choose between three episodes of The Block (Nine), Zumbo’s Just Desserts (Seven) and Australian Survivor (Ten) and that includes some episodes that are super-sized in length. And now there is even more with another series of MAFS despite one airing earlier this year. This one features a gay couple which has to go to NZ to get “married” even though nobody on this show actually gets married. And just to confuse things further, some people in the gay community think this is making a mockery of same-sex marriage. Hey, if desperate straight people are allowed to look for love on a contrived reality TV show, equal rights means the gays get to humiliate themselves as well. OK?

The Odd Couple
9.30pm on Ten
After not setting the word on fire in a 7.30pm timeslot, this reboot of the sitcom classic moves to a post-HYBPA slot. Tonight’s return features guest star Teri Hatcher and if you’ve seen the promo, Matthew Perry says “sex” – and the canned laughter soundtrack goes crazy. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Q&A.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards
5.15pm on MTV
Taylor Swift won’t be there but Rihanna is being honoured and the much nominated Beyonce will perform. And so will Britney Spears who got slammed for her last appearance on this nine years ago. With all that competition, this year was never going to be about Taylor no matter how much dancing she does in her seat. And Adele is going to win everything anyway.

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