Mediaweek TV guide – 28 July 2016

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado

The Checkout
8pm on ABC

After being rudely interrupted by a Federal election, the cast of The Chaser’s Election Desk are back to continue their consumer affairs show. Tonight they give good tips on how and where to buy a puppy responsibly as well as looking at internet providers who fail to deliver their advertised speed.

Looking: The Movie
8.30pm on showcase

While cancelled after just two seasons, HBO has kindly allowed one last telemovie to wrap everything up all the stories. And given this comedy-drama about gay men in San Francisco was always looking for bigger ratings, that’s a classy decision. This show had its fans but struggled with some slow storytelling because of a desire to make gay lives “ordinary”. This 90 minute movie hits all the right notes as it picks up the action a few months later during a wedding celebration. The movie aired in America last Saturday so it’s not quite an Express from the US.

8.30pm on FX

The tough martial arts drama begins the second half of its second season. Former soap star Frank Grillo is great as gym owner Alvey although Jonathon Tucker often steals the show as his troubled drug addict son. Those lamenting the loss of Looking above may find some comfort in Alvey’s other son who is a closeted gay fighter and played by Nick Jonas. This began in the US on June 1 so definitely not Express from the US.

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