Mediaweek TV Guide – 26 May 2016

Keeping you updated on the best and most interesting gems on television. Recommendations by Andrew Mercado (AM) and Dan Barrett (DB).

Neighbours – 6.30pm on Eleven
Ramsay Street is on a roll with some excellent casting for its next generation of stars. Dr Karl and Susan’s troublesome (aren’t they always) grandson Ben (Felix Mallard), Angus (The X Factor’s Jai Waetford) and Xanthe (the stunningly beautiful and very talented Lily Van Der Meer) are all smashing it. Sadly though, two other stunt castings are proving not so successful. “Social media sensation” Sarah Ellen has been disappointing in the key role of Scott and Charlene’s daughter Madison and proves talent sourced from YouTube may be where they are getting their acting lessons from. And Eddie McGuire’s son Xander may have the right connection to present an award at the TV Week Logie Awards alongside his dad but his performance on last night’s episode showed he still has a long way to go to match the rest of the cast. (AM)

Blunt Talk – Stan
So much TV, so little time. One of these days I hope to get around to this new comedy from Starz starring two of the favourites from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner. Stewart plays a British newscaster going off the rails at an American cable station and not only is Seth McFarlane one of the show’s producers, but it also stars our own Jacki Weaver as Stewart’s EP (um, Stan, you should be highlighting that on your site!). Now if I can just find some time to watch. (AM)

Dark Net – 9:30pm on SBS2
This ongoing documentary series examines the influence of the internet and the connected society we now live in. Tonight’s double-episodes examine whether we are in fact trapped in our everyday lives by the access provided by our screens, with the second episode questioning what effect the internet is having on our brain function. Episodes can also be streamed online at the SBS On Demand website. (DB)

Story Hunters – ABC iView
Comedian and digital storyteller Dan Ilic features this week on ABC’s new online initiative Story Hunters to chronicle his hitchhiking trip from Tasmania to far north Queensland. During his journey he has been interviewing drivers about their thoughts on politics and the upcoming election. Episode one of the series is now available to watch, with further episodes released over the coming weeks. (DB)

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