Mediaweek Podcast: The TV Week Logies from all angles

• Two new Mediaweek podcasts this week

TV Week editor Thomas Woodgate on The Logies

The phone of the TV Week editor has been ringing off the hook this week. A few days after the 2019 Logies, he talks to Mediaweek‘s James Manning about the awards night, Tom Gleeson and all the other winners.

Listen here.

Mercado & Manning on the TV Week Logies

Are the Logies dead? Audience’s love Tom Gleeson, so why do some of his industry colleagues think he’s not funny? Plus TV comedy – is Frontline the best? Who else should be in the top 10 of all time?

Listen here.

Other recent podcasts include:

Inside Foxtel factual – from crime investigation to History Channel hits

The History Channel recently launched its new series Aussie Inventions That Changed The World and it became an instant hit on the Foxtel platform. Foxtel head of factual Jim Buchan tells Mediaweek about that series and tells about the audience’s love for ghoulish crime stories too.

Listen here.

Network 10’s Rick Maier on MasterChef and My Life Is Murder

The head of drama at Network 10 also gets to look after MasterChef for the broadcaster. Rick joins the Mediaweek podcast to talk about with 2019 series and its top 10. He also talks about the commissioning process for the new Lucy Lawless crime drama My Life Is Murder.

Listen here

TV Guide to new free TV channel SBS World Movies

The choice of free TV channels got even bigger on July 1 as SBS World Movies launched. The channel manager Chris Keely talks about the new HD channel and tells if it will carry ads and talks about plans to be available on the Foxtel platform.

Listen here.

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