Managing radio and podcast superstars: Biggest backroom operators revealed


The people helping guide the careers of Kyle, Jackie O, Hamish, Andy, Christian, Ben, Brittany, Josh, Russel, Wippa, Jonesy, Amanda and many more

This week marks the end of the radio survey year for 2022. It is also the time of year podcasters put away their headphones as they too take a summer break.

It is also the time of year that the people managing Australia’s top radio and podcast talent gets a break.

There was less talent movement in the radio market this year than this time in 2021. The biggest changes were the revelation of new 2023 breakfast shows coming for Nova 100 in Melbourne and Triple M in Sydney.

In the podcasting world, the size of audiences is starting to count for more. Initially, podcast platforms wanted to build audiences and almost anyone with a microphone and an idea had a chance to get a tryout. These days number of listeners is more important than ever and has led to a rationalisation of podcast catalogues. That doesn’t mean there’s been a drop in the number of podcasts though.

The latest estimate we have seen is that there are 2.4m podcasts globally.

The growth of podcasting hasn’t harmed the radio business though. Quite the contrary, it seems to have helped secure the future of audio, locking in big audiences.

Just earlier this month Commercial Radio and Audio reported:

The latest GfK Survey 7 revealed 12.14 million people listened to commercial radio each week, beating the all-time high of 12.1 million recorded in GfK Survey 6 released at the end of September. This was the eighth consecutive rise in cumulative audience growth.

Here Mediaweek presents a guide to Australia’s biggest managers of audio talent. While this list has a focus on radio, we have also included some of Australia’s most successful podcasters.

Managing radio and podcast superstars

Profile – Mark Klemens & Melissa Le Gear
Hamish & Andy
Fifi Box
Ed Kavalee
Christian O’Connell
Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli
Russel Howcroft
Dee Dee Dunleavy
Peter Stubbs
Matt & Alex
Ash London*
Joel Creasey
Mel Tracina
Will and Woody



Hamish and Andy and some of the new merch you can buy from their website

RGM – Robyn Gardiner Management
Amanda Keller
Brendan Jones
Jess Eva
Josh Szeps
Roy & HG (John Doyle & Greig Pickhaver)


Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones

Token – Kevin Whyte
Dave Hughes
Tommy Little
Lewis Hobba
Bryce Mills
Wil Anderson
Dan Illic
Concetta Caristo

Wil Anderson

CMC – Cathy Baker & Claire Savage
Katie ‘Monty‘ Dimond*
Brittany Hockley
Mitch Churi
Mike E & Emma
Veronica Milsom
Sarah Maree Cameron

Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley

Marchmedia – Brad March
Ben & Liam
Toni & Ryan
Abby Coleman
Jack Post
Belle Jackson
Laura O’Callaghan

Ben, Liam and Belle…coming to Nova 100 very soon

Morrissey Management – Mark Morrissey
Kate Ritchie
Mark Geyer
Yumi Steynes*
Charlie Clausen


Charlie Clausen

SF Celebrity Management – Sharon Finnigan
Tim Blackwell
Deborah Knight


Bruno Bouchet
Kyle Sanderlands


Gemmie’s Agency – Gemma Fordham
Jackie Henderson
Jase Hawkins


Henrie Stride
Chrissie Swan
Sam Pang*
Jacinta Parsons


Aran Michael Management
Carrie Bickmore


Lauren Phillips
Tanya Hennessy
Laura Byrne


Stage Addiction
Abbie Chatfield


Abbie Chatfield

Abbie Chatfield

DRB Entertainment – Dean Buchanan
Patrina Jones
Bianca Dye
Sarah Grynberg


Mediafitz – Mike Fitzpatrick
Alpha Blokes
Bloody Brilliant Beers
We Got The Chocolates
First Time Parents


Century Artists
Nick Cody


The Fordham Company
Ben Fordham
Em Rusciano
Tom Tilley


Tom Tilley

Tom Tilley

Bravo Management – Chris Giannopoulos
Kane Cornes
Steve Price
Damian Barrett
Dermott Brereton

TLA Worldwide
Mark ‘Howie’ Howard
Billy Brownless
Mark Ricciuto
Dwayne Russell
Garry Lyon
Matthew Lloyd
Susie O’Neill


Mark Howard

Jubilee Street Management
Kate Langbroek*

Jimmy & Nath

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