Magic is appointed digital agency of record by Powershop


• Jordan Taylor-Bartels said Powershop could lead the digital marketing space in the energy industry

Magic has been appointed as the digital agency of record for Powershop, boosting the agency’s client roster.

The agency’s remit will for the climate-conscious energy retailer includes digital strategy, development of adtech, martech, mathematical modelling, media-buying, social amplification and performance media.

Jordan Taylor-Bartels, managing director, Magic said his team could see the potential for Powershop to lead the digital marketing space in the energy industry.

He added that the agency is excited to be working with such a future-thinking brand that is unashamedly unafraid to be different and challenge the norm.

Taylor-Bartels said: “Magic’s strength is its application of mathematics and data models to help understand customer behaviour both before they convert and after.

“As cookies are being removed we use our proprietary mathematical modelling to help fill the gaps.

“For Powershop this means using our deep understanding of the structure of digital signals that make up the brand’s prospects and existing customer base; and translate them into insights that are actionable via technology, media and social,” he added.

Nathan McEwan, chief customer officer, Powershop, said: “Appointing Magic to take on all our digital marketing needs made sense, as there was a strong alignment and ambition to access and use leading data tools to create superior customer and commercial outcomes.

“The team had already executed a highly successful project for us; immersing themselves in our business and showcasing a true understanding of our customer base and growth plans.

“We are excited to see what they will achieve for our brand now they’re executing our entire digital marketing ecosystem,” he added.

Work begins immediately with the first campaign to market expected in April.

Magic is a digital lab that combines the powers of complex mathematics with a cutting edge digital marketing approach.

The company, according to their website, use their own proprietary media-science methodology to address and solve profound marketing challenges. They enable brands to find the root-cause of user behaviour, not just the outcome.

Top image: Jordan Taylor-Bartels

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