Magazine Rack: Bauer Media’s Gourmet Traveller

Magazine Rack: June edition of Bauer’s Gourmet Traveller with its annual Australian Hotel Guide

Gourmet Traveller 28MAy2015Title: Gourmet Traveller
Issue: June 2015
Publisher: Bauer
Total Pages: 196
Cover Price: $9.95
Ad Pages: 68, including an eight-page foldout for Tourism Western Australia and seven house ads for Gourmet Traveller and Bauer’s Food to Love website
Coverlines that work: Our new hottest city… Adelaide?, Classic Comfort Food
Editor: Anthea Loucas

As Mediaweek reported earlier this week, Gourmet Traveller has just celebrated the best in accommodation with its annual Australian Hotel Guide. The 124-page guide, which makes a local holiday look more and more appealing, comes with the June issue of the mag. The winners also get six pages celebrating the scenery, rooms and food in the issue itself.

The magazine’s brilliant Fare Exchange, in which it publishers reader-requested recipes from high-end restaurants, delivers this month with delicious-sounding treats from Blue Chillies, E’cco Bistro, Africola and Popteno. Emma Knowles’ recipes for braised chicken with pancetta, borlotti beans and kale, silverbeet and Gruyere Tart and Thai-style mussels all sound great, although not exactly the “Quick meals” she purports them to be. The much-maligned Peter Evans also gets a page for a slow-roasted brisket, while Tony Tan shares his family recipe for Hainanese chicken.

The pears and apples that autumn bestows in great numbers get seven beautiful pages, while is followed by a colourful spread on the Ayubi family’s Adelaide Afghan restaurant. Sweet and savoury rice variations are also showcased, ranging from pilaf to congee to rice pudding. The colder months look quite bearable with the soups, baked veggies, roast beef and self-saucing pudding on offer!

In a job that could be described as world’s best, AA Gill visits the Caribbean island of Mustique where he muses what money would do if it were left to it’s own devices. Simon Bajada’s look at the new Nordic cuisine will make anyone keen for a holiday into the cold, as will Jeni Porter’s examination of Copenhagen’s food scene. David Sly’s look at Adelaide’s foodie resurgence will get the juices flowing for a trip closer to home. For warm weather fanatics, George Epaminondas’ 10 pages on the new LA might tempt a trip over to California.

Digital: is a frequently-updated addition to the magazine for GT fans, with videos, interactivity and beautiful spreads. The magazine’s Facebook page has 235,000 fans while @GourmetTweets has 66,200 followers. Gourmet Fast App lets the user download 140 recipes on their iPhone – for a free app, that’s pretty good value! Gourmet Traveller is also available on iPad or iPhone, with each issue costing $5.49, six-monthly subs costing $25.99 and yearly subscriptions coming in at $48.99. Each new subscriber also receives two back issues for free.

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