MAFS recap & ratings: Not an ideal husband – immature, silly and too young!

• Married at First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now

The sixth episode of Nine‘s Married at First Sight featured the weddings of Stacey and Michael, and Mishel and Steve.

25-year-old mother and law graduate, Stacey, is serious when it comes to finding love. 

The experts decided to match her with rich goof-ball Michael; a 28-year-old company director who is also a single parent. 

The clash in their personalities was evident at the ceremony when Michael’s vows were a concoction of ‘dad jokes’ that Stacey didn’t find that amusing at all.

“I don’t think he’s ugly, but he’s not normally what I go for,” Stacey said to producers; while also revealing she thinks he’s immature, silly and too young for him.

After a string of laughs and clownish behaviour on Michael’s end, Stacey teared up to him when they have a chat outside. She tried to remain positive and keep an open mind with their TV marriage, and they closed the night with a small peck.

Then we met 48-year-old teacher Mishel, who hasn’t had a fantastic history when it comes to dating. She revealed she’s been cheated on by seven (out of eight) partners, and that being unfaithful is a huge trigger for her.

The mother of two kids was matched with 51-year-old barbershop owner Steve. 

A survivor of cancer, he’s gained some fresh perspective on life and revealed that he wants to find love with someone close to his age.

The wedding was off to a very smooth start when he comforted the nervous Mishel at the ceremony. They shared their beautiful vows with one another and then it was off to the reception.

Friction began when it was revealed that Steve had cheated in the past. Mishel teared up and he explained to her that when he had cheated 17 years ago, he was a low life. He said they’re here together in the present now and he will never cheat on her. 

Convinced by his words, they giddily headed to bed after a long and emotional day. Let’s just say their kisses lasted a lot longer than Stacey and Michael’s.

MAFS ratings: Episode 6, 2020

Biggest episodes so far for Sydney and Brisbane

National average lifts above 1.5m


No. 1 metro program with all key demos and Total People

No. 1 program with Total People in Sydney and Melbourne

Timeslot winner in all metro capitals

National peak audience: 1.875 million (Metro: 1.346 million / Regional: 529,000)

National average audience: 1.546 million (Metro: 1.140 million / Regional: 407,000)

Highest rating episode of the series in Sydney (359,000) and Brisbane (221,000)

Broadcast Video On Demand (BVOD)

MAFS takes out Top 5 spots on OzTAM’s 28-day rolling VPM report:

Episode Four has a VPM rating of 312,000

Episode One has a VPM rating of 309,000

Episode Two has a VPM rating of 289,000

Episode Three has a VPM rating of 280,000

Episode Five has a VPM rating of 190,000

National audiences:

Episode 1: 1,492,000 (Metro 1,154,000 Regional 338,000)

Episode 2: 1,412,000 (Metro 1,067,000 Regional 345,000)

Episode 3: 1,355,000 (Metro 1,014,000 Regional 341,000)

Episode 4: 1,345,000 (Metro 992,000 Regional 353,000)

Episode 5: 1,493,000 (Metro 1,091,000 Regional 402,000)

Episode 6: 1,546,000 (Metro 1,140,000 Regional: 407,000)

MAFS launch audiences (metro):

2015: 1,143,000

2016: 769,000 (First series that year)

2016: 769,000 (Second series that year)

2017: 826,000

2018: 914,000

2019: 1,006,000

2020: 1,154,000

Married at First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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