MAFS recap & ratings: Haley & David and Vanessa & Chris taking chances

• Tonight, the first wave of honeymoons begin – tune in at 7:30pm on Nine

The third episode of Nine‘s Married at First Sight featured the marriages of Hayley and David, and Vanessa and Chris.

The 32-year-old finance broker, Hayley, is probably one of the loudest personalities we’ve seen so far in MAFS history. She’s a recovering drug addict who found light at the end of the tunnel with health and fitness and is ready for a chance at love.

The relationship experts wanted to find someone who could cut through her toughness to find the softness, and so they matched her with 31-year-old combat sportsman, David. 

David loves his parents and he’s aware they ‘still live in the 1950s’ and believe the experiment ‘ruins the sanctity of marriage’. Let’s just say they were definitely unimpressed when they saw Hayley arriving at the ceremony, and even less impressed at the reception when she began to rap for everyone and shouted: “dad, get your f***ing kiss on!”

David revealed to producers that he is having a ball with his new wife and there is definitely strong sexual chemistry.

Australia also got to meet 31-year-old pharmacy manager, Vanessa, last night. She made it clear that she has damaged self-esteem due to her long struggle with disfiguring acne. 

The experts wanted to find her with a man who can build her up – and so they matched her with Chris.

The 37-year-old youth worker from Adelaide is a dad with two boys, and said he’s looking for someone to share his life with.

The wedding was awkward, from ceremony to car ride home. Chris made a joke in his vows that Vanessa didn’t quite catch on, and he gave her the world’s shortest kiss – more like peck – when it was time to kiss the bride. I remember kindergarten marriages in the playground that were less awkward than their wedding.

At the reception, Chris revealed to Vanessa that she’s not usually the type of woman he goes for – not the best thing to hear on your wedding day, especially when you already have such low confidence. They went outside for chat towards the end of the wedding and Vanessa was hoping that she would receive some sort of reassurance from Chris on whether or not he’s attracted to her. Instead, Chris dropped the bombshell that he’s a father. Vanessa was not expecting that, but she took the news like a champ. They did sleep in separate beds though.

MAFS rules Australia: Beats all news in Sydney & Melbourne

• Married at First Sight was Australia’s No.1 metro program with People 25-54, People 16-39, GS + Child and Total People
• Married at First Sight was the No.1 program of the night in Sydney and Melbourne and a timeslot winner in all metro capitals
• Married at First Sight achieved a national peak audience of 1.718 million (Metro: 1.240 million / Regional: 478,000) and a national average audience of 1.355 million (Metro: 1.014 million / Regional: 341,000).
• Episode 1 of Married at First Sight is the No.1 program on OzTAM’s 7-day rolling VPM report with a VPM rating of 209,000
• Episode 2 of Married at First Sight is the No.2 program on OzTAM’s 7-day rolling VPM report with a VPM rating of 158,000

National audiences:
Episode 1: 1,492,000 (Metro 1,154,000 Regional 338,000)
Episode 2: 1,412,000 (Metro 1,067,000 Regional 345,000)
Episode 3: 1,355,000 (Metro 1,014,000 Regional 341,000)

VPM ratings for streaming and on-demand:
#1 Married At First Sight Episode 1: 209,000
#2 Married At First Sight Episode 2: 158,000

MAFS launch audiences (metro):
2015: 1,143,000
2016: 769,000 (First series that year)
2016: 769,000 (Second series that year)
2017: 826,000
2018: 914,000
2019: 1,006,000
2020: 1,154,000

Tonight, the first wave of honeymoons begin. Tune in at 7:30pm on Nine.

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