MAFS recap & ratings: Couples learn something new on honeymoons

• Married at First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now

The seventh episode of Nine‘s Married at First Sight featured the last four couples’ honeymoons: Connie and JonethenStacey and Michael, Ivan and Aleks, and Mishel and Steve.

In the Gold Coast, Ivan and Aleks were off to a strong start as they shared playful banter and mild flirtation while on the tanning beds by the pool. Although, it appeared someone else had joined their holiday in paradise, and Ivan was giving them more attention than he was with Aleks – his work phone, which rang off the hook.

At first, Aleks was afraid Ivan’s phone was his first priority and that it would destroy their first proper chance of getting to know each other. Ivan actually lost his phone in the back of their Rolls Royce ride on the coast, and Aleks was in hysterics.

Ivan comically searched for his phone in the back of the car for the day and even broke the backseat. It’s okay, he’ll be receiving the phone in 48 hours, so stay turned for Ivan’s love affair with technology in episode nine.

Over in Broome, Connie and Jonethen were making the most of the pool. Jonethen revealed to producers he wants to takes things slow out of respect, whereas Connie is ready to get straight into their new relationship. After being in a dating drought for half a decade, I can see why she’s eager.

Connie’s honeymoon wish was for her new husband to lay a kiss on her. By the end of the episode, it happened – and for a while. It was a long, uncomfortable TV kiss and camera-man Jake chose to do a close-up. 

In sunny Fiji, Stacey and Michael shared a moonlight dinner where MAFS viewers finally believed there may be a slither of hope for this couple. How wrong we were. The next morning, a very cranky Stacey sat in bed next to a sheepish Michael, and ordered him to tell the camera about his pathetic, drunk behaviour after the dinner. 

After Stacey told Michael she hopes a shark hits him when he suggests they waterski, they finally patched things up and shared a picnic together. Stacey opened up about the tragic events of her father passing when she was just a baby, and then her brother passing on the same day as the due date of her first child. Michael sincerely comforted her, even though we couldn’t understand a word he was saying because he was probably still drunk from the night before.

It was made evident that the new couple slept together, and were the first couple to consummate their marriage in the TV experiment.

Over in New Zealand, Mishel and Steve transformed a romantic getaway into an adrenalin junkie’s dream vacation. Mishel shared with her new hubby that she loves adventure and extreme sports. After Steve ruins his $300 pants on their first activity, they decided to go skiing. Things went south when it was made clear that Mishel wasn’t a huge fan of the experience.

Steve shared his feelings – with a somewhat harsh tone – that he wasn’t a fan of Mishel not being a fan, and was sick of her ‘whinging’. After Mishel tells him to shut up a few times, she apologies and tells him he deserves a nice, big bowl of spaghetti bolognese. 

Married at First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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