Lovatts Media launches new magazine Audrey Daybook

Audrey Daybook will be published six times a year

Lovatts Media has launched a new hybrid magazine that combines puzzles with women’s lifestyle content called Audrey Daybook.

The publisher announced the launch in a statement, which reads in part: “Over the past few decades, the simple world of black and white puzzles – crosswords, wheel words, sudoku and brainteasers – has been confined to the black and white pages of magazines and newspapers. Puzzling lost its appeal to young professional women with digital mediums dominating their time. However, with the demands and stresses of modern life there has been a return to activities that spark joy and encourage engagement, so the classic art of puzzling is back in vogue…

“Advertising will be kept to a minimum and selected to ensure continuity and flow within the magazine.”

Each issue of Audrey Daybook will contain seven chapters including Thrive, Share, Nest, Glow, Nourish, Create, and Explore. Each feature will contain a combination of articles and puzzles.

Kirsty Tamplin, senior account manager at Lovatts Media, said, “We are entering the world of on-page advertising. However, our advertisers are our partners, with brands that we know the Audrey reader will want to engage with. It isn’t about disruptive media, it’s about recommending brands we know and trust.”

Audrey Daybook will be a bimonthly magazine, coming out six times a year. The first issue will go on sale on Monday September 4 at newsagents, Woolworths and Coles with a cover price of $9.95. A one-year subscription to the magazine costs $A53 .

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