Lovatts Media announces expansion with Handy Binary + Hexoku

Handy Binary + Hexoku

The new title features more than 120 puzzles

The suite of crossword and puzzle magazines from Lovatts Media is expanding with the addition of Handy Binary + Hexoku, an add-on magazine for fans of number logic puzzles.

Of the new addition, Christine Lovatt says, “Our clever community of puzzlers have embraced the binary and hexoku puzzles that feature in our Handy Sudoku and Handy Killer Sudoku magazines so thoroughly that we knew this dedicated title would be a new favourite in no time. We’re thrilled to have received exceedingly positive feedback from the sample of Lovatts puzzlers selected to try out the new title and are looking forward to receiving more once the magazine goes on sale”.

A twist on the regular sudoku format, the new title features more than 120 puzzles. Just like the sudoku that puzzlers already know, binary and hexoku puzzles require logical thinking, not maths skills, to solve. Each issue includes how to solve guides for both the binary and hexoku formats, and there are different levels of difficulty to progress through.

The first issue of Handy Binary + Hexoku will officially go on sale on December 8th (New Zealand) and December 12th (Australia) and will be available in newsagents. You can find out more information online

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