Lego Masters: David and Gus crowned winners of season three

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• The pair won $100,000 to conclude season three

David and Gus were named the winners of the third season of Lego Masters with the pair taking home $100,000 along with the Lego Masters trophy.
In the grand finale on Nine and 9Now, the final three teams had 28 hours to build whatever they wanted, with no limitations and no directives.
Not only did they need to impress Ryan McNaught, the expert “Brickman”, but also 250 members of the public who voted for their favourite build.
David and Gus decided on a diorama. Their story, set in a forest, had two deer being preyed upon by a pack of wolves.
Owen and Scott did an inspired build, Engineers versus Hippies, in which a bulldozer is coming to mine a forest. Unbeknown to the engineers, there was a wizard guarding the forest. 
Having survived the Brick of Doom curse and fought their way back into the contest, the third pairing, Gabby and Ryan, built a rotating circus with four stages, all viewable from every angle.
But in the end, it was David and Gus’s forest diorama that won everyone over.
David said: “Winning Lego Masters is unreal. I feel like I’m dreaming and about to wake up any second now. To have had the chance of being invited to participate in Lego Masters was one of the best moments of my life. I knew I was about to have the ride of a lifetime, but being paired up with Gus, who is unbelievably talented and shares the same passion for Lego as I do, was more than I could have hoped for.
“I am over the moon to have been able to meet some of the most talented builders and amazing people I’ve known in my life and to share the final with two amazing teams.”
Gus said: “I have had a hard time putting my emotions from winning Lego Masters into words. I came onto the show wanting to push myself technically and creatively and winning the finale really makes me feel that I have done that. Going up against the group of contestants that were on the show this year really pushed us because the builds they all created were next level! It was amazing to be paired with Dave. He has an unbelievable Lego Masters brain and has the ability to put all sorts of things together.”
Brickman said: “It’s such a cliché to say that this year’s finale was more spectacular than the last one, but it is very hard to argue otherwise. Our contestants really have delivered something amazing – again! Incredibly different, totally unique creations, all masterfully executed.
“This year, like previous years, our winners have been incredible in their journey, bouncing from hiccups along the way, each build increasing in its beauty and sophistication. David and Gus really did take the competition to a whole new level, and then some.”

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