LADbible Australia announces three new original docuseries

LADBible Australia

LADbible Australia will also open its own new studio in Sydney’s Surry Hills

LADbible Australia, part of LADbible Group, is launching three new Australia-focused and locally-produced original series, alongside a LADbible Australia YouTube channel that will host the publisher’s local content going forward.

LADbible Australia will also open its own new studio in Sydney’s Surry Hills in March, where the whole production of LADbible Australia’s originals will take place. Brands will be able to access and use the studio for video production purposes, and branded content partnerships with LADbible Australia. 

Off the back of its award-winning docuseries and trailblazing social campaign UNHEARD, which aimed to tackle racial injustice in Australia, the publication is releasing three new original series:


LADbible Australia sits down with individuals who have made transformative decisions or gone down unique pathways in life. From changing religions, joining the military, or ethical non-monogamy, to face tattoos, sex workers, ex-convicts or cult leavers, the series will showcase unique individuals, explore their reflections and journey, and what they wish they knew before jumping in. Hindsight’s pilot episode has been released on LADbible Australia’s YouTube channel, and six more will follow, published every two weeks. 

LADbible hindsight


Featuring local sports celebrities and teams, Chances will offer a lighter vibe, and set  fun challenges designed to get participants competing against each other. The line-up so far includes soccer team Central Coast Mariners, basketball teams the Sydney Kings and Flames, cricketers from the Sydney Thunder, and prominent Aussie golfers. The Chances pilot episode will be released on Friday.

LADbible chances


The series will feature interviews with an array of unknown and famous talents, dissecting key events or incidents that have shaped their reputation in the public space, and delivering insights into the ‘truth’ from the individual in question. The series features an ex-pornstar, trans-advocate, and social and reality TV celebrity, a heroin-addict and personal trainer, and people opening up on tough topics such as domestic violence or the trauma of surviving accidents or suicide. Episode one will be available from March 6.

LADbible my side

LADbible Australia is planning the launch of additional series Locals, The Bench, and FYI which will be announced later this year. 

The above series will be housed on LADbible Australia’s brand new YouTube channel, which launches January 30th, and published across LADbible Australia’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok channels.

Head of content at LADbible Australia Mel Ho says: “We’ve grown our editorial and social presence since our launch in 2019, and have already had huge success with our premium original content through our UNHEARD series. We want to double down on offering local, premium content in 2023, as well as create more opportunities to partner with local brands. As Australia’s leading youth social publisher, we are in a unique position to showcase Aussie stories and perspectives that are not told anywhere else and make a real impact in this space.”

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