LADbible Group launches GoodLad to uplift and inspire


• GoodLad will be spearheaded by the group’s APAC editorial team

LADbible Group has launched a new publication within its social portfolio – GoodLad. 

GoodLad’s mission is to act as a place of refuge for its audience by breaking up stress-inducing social feeds with positive, uplifting, good-vibes-only content.

GoodLad will be spearheaded by the group’s APAC editorial team led by its head of content, Mel Ho; who aims to deliver daily doses of content pillars from pets, news, food, lifestyle and viral videos.

While LADbible keeps audiences informed and entertained by delivering breaking and trending stories; GoodLad as a publication serves to give audiences an opportunity to detach themselves from overwhelming news cycles. 

Joseph Summers, general manager, LADbible Group APAC, says: “Our group’s mission statement is to make our audience laugh, think and act, and we achieve this through positive or neutral media. GoodLad is a prime example of us tackling this mission, as we look to brighten social media feeds with uplifting, entertaining, and hypnotic content.”

Within the group’s APAC business, LADbible Australia and SPORTbible Australia have achieved editorial success since launching in 2019 and 2020; and to date, LADbible Australia is ranked #1 in Facebook views and #2 in Facebook engagements in the world.

Summers adds: “We can see the appetite for GoodLad content as the publication reached 252 million people around the world; garnered over 37 million video views, and 83 million engagements in April alone. GoodLad will add a positive presence to social platforms as well as within the LADbible group portfolio. We can see this channel being of great use to our commercial partners who aim to deliver positive news stories about their brand to Australians” 

To support the launch and to drum up awareness of the Facebook channels commercial capabilities, LADbible will be touring various Sydney and Melbourne based agencies this week (wc 30th May) and next (wc 6th June), delivering treats for offices that links to the channels editorial outputs. Puppies, Kittens, Coffee & Donuts will all be on display across most agency groups. 

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