Kyle Sandilands slams competitors: “It is sneaky, low dog behaviour”

“Don’t employ dirty tactics, Nova, you are better than that”

The much anticipated Kyle Sandilands radio revelations regarding industry tricks went to air this morning just before 8am on KIIS 1065. Sandilands admitted that because of legal advice, he was not able to name names.

“Let’s start with Nova,” he said. “I am disappointed with them. I am going to read out a few things and let the audience decide if they think it is fair. I have an email sent to me from one of our clients who received an email from someone at Nova.”

Sandilands then read an email, taking the names out after receiving instructions from an ARN legal advisor. The email said:

“Hope you don’t mind me dropping you this email. I noticed you are currently sponsoring one of the segments on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. During the segment today and yesterday a couple of inappropriate/gross conversations were being discussed all while mentioning your company. Please don’t see me as a prude with no sense of humour…as a marketer I know I wouldn’t want my brand associated with that sort of conversation. I can’t imagine a family-friendly restaurant such as yours would like this either.

“I have attached a short presentation for you to look over and as you will see, if you are looking for numbers we can help…”

The email ended with: “Want that and more without the filth? We can help.”

Sandilands said: “Grabbing something from someone else’s show and trying to steal clients because you are desperate for money. That’s not the way we play the game. Don’t employ dirty tactics, Nova, you are better than that.”

He then turned his attention to Southern Cross Austereo and 2Day FM.

“I was surprised when I saw several emails sent from [2Day FM] staff directly to US management and publicity companies. They have been recording us and sending the details to the publicists or managers. They record our whole show, send highlights to the publicists and say don’t go on that show claiming we are not friends of the celebrities. They are desperate…it is terrible. We wouldn’t do that.

“This is corporate espionage. I don’t like it. It is sneaky, low dog behaviour. You don’t need to do it.”

Sandiland’s advice to his competition: “You should spend more time on your own shows because your own shows need a lot of work. They are not very good.”

He saved what he called “the grubbiest behaviour of them all” to the end:

“I have known about this personally for months. I did a full investigation into the owner of what I am about to tell you. I now have the name and address and phone number of this person who is really a scab. A real scum…

“Someone has an email address called [email protected] and we have tracked it back to find out who owns the email address. The owner is sending out emails to news outlets and reporters to make me look bad. [KIIS EP Bruno Bouchet came on and added that the snippets being sent around are also taken out of context and are sent to journalists and bloggers. What the sender doesn’t realise is that some of these journos are fans and friends so we get the emails forwarded to us within seconds.]

“I now who is doing this…I know who you are. It is going to be very embarrassing for you if you continue doing this because I will get your name out there one way or another.”

Sandilands then explained the lawyer had prevented him from revealing the name.

He then said: “You would lose your job if I told everyone who it was. It is a big job and you are a fool for doing this. You should be spending more time fixing your shit radio station than worrying about what we are doing. I am so close to dropping this name…”

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