Shock Jock: Kyle Sandilands is expecting his first baby at age 50

Kyle Sandilands

Sandilands, 50, and his fiancé will welcome their first child in August.

Co-host of the popular Kyle and Jackie-O show on KIIS106.5, Kyle Sandilands, announced that he is expecting his first child at the age of 50.

He made the announcement this morning on-air, opening the show with the sound of a baby’s heartbeat, and confetti cannons as Sandilands broke the news. 

With his fiancé, Tegan Kynaston in the room, Sandilands yelled “I’m having a baby, baby!” as co-host Jackie-O Henderson cheered and clapped, exclaiming that she “never thought she’d see the day that Kyle became a dad”.

The couple, who got engaged over the Christmas break with an ‘extravagant’ proposal, confirmed that the baby is due in August and that Kyle has been ‘excited and quite emotional’ following the news, already picking out cribs. 

The gender of the baby is not yet known, however, Sandilands and Kynaston have been working on picking out both male and female names. 

Kyle also took to the Kyle and Jackie-O Instagram page to reveal the news, posing alongside his fiancé and jokingly holding his own ‘baby bump’ and an ultrasound image. 

Co-host of another KIIS radio show, ‘Jase and Lauren in the morning’, Jase Hawkins announced the birth of his third child, a son Archer Charles (Archie). In a witty Instagram caption, Hawkins declared that his “Little family is complete” after a six-year break from being new parents. 

Amidst COVID-19 lockdowns and fears, Hawkins took extended leave from the show and put his family in ‘full lockdown’ over New Years to ensure that neither he or his wife caught the virus, stating that “if Lou got Covid or I got Covid I wouldn’t have been able to be there for the birth and she would have had to give birth in a Covid ward.”

Jase Hawkins baby

Jase Hawkins and his baby, Archer.

Top photo; Kyle Sandilands and Tegan Kynaston.

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