Mobile ad firm Kargo launches Social Canvas 2.0 across Asia-Pacific region

Kargo social canvas

Social Canvas 2.0 allows brands to combine the best of social and editorial advertising

Mobile ad-tech company Kargo has launched Social Canvas 2.0 in Asia-Pacific, an exclusive ad format allowing marketers to target ad slots adjacent to social embeds in a premium editorial for high-profile, targeted visibility in a brand-safe environment.

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how social platforms exploit their personal information for advertising. Advertisers have concerns about brand safety, scroll velocity, and attention in social media environments. Social Canvas is an alternative to this problem. It is a cookieless format that uses social embeds hand-picked by editors and placed within premium publisher content. With over 30% of publishers incorporating social content within their digital pieces, there is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to target and surround the conversation.

Meta has laid off over 11,000 people in the last few months and social media CPMs continue to rise. At the same time brands pulling their ads from Twitter over concerns about brand safety have been well documented. Social Canvas affords all brands the opportunity to wrap thumb-stopping creative around targeted, relevant tweets and hashtags, but within the brand-safe and highly performant editorial environment provided by the Kargo publisher alliance.

Social Canvas enables marketers to execute a unique contextual targeting strategy, as it does not require cookies and supports high-impact display and video ad units. With Social Canvas, brands can advertise adjacent to the social posts featured in articles from categories including entertainment, health & wellness, celebrity, and more. Advertisers can target based on accounts, emojis, hashtags, and keywords surrounding the biggest celebrities, influencers, and tentpole events.

Embedded tweets or Instagram posts are frequently the first things a reader notices while reading an article. This results in Social Canvas achieving 5% higher CTRs and 36% greater viewability than industry averages for similar formats.

For publishers, Social Canvas provides a unique ad placement that not only helps monetise their pages more effectively, but also differentiates their offering with unique creative that captivates, but does not aggravate, consumers.

Robert Leach, general manager for APAC at Kargo, said: “Social Canvas 2.0 combines social and editorial features. Advertisers may now be a part of the conversation while avoiding the unending, unmonitored scrolling and swiping of user-generated content platforms in order to increase brand knowledge, recall, and favorability. Unlike any other company in the advertising industry, Kargo’s patented technology enables valuable access to the area surrounding those embeds.”

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