Shoppable ad formats from Kargo drive lift in key ad performance metrics

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“This study provides scientific evidence that consumers prefer high-impact shoppable advertising for CPG products”

New research from SmartCommerce and MediaScience proves that high-impact commerce-focused CPG ad creative drives higher awareness, memorability, and purchase intent. Kargo has released a new research paper in partnership with SmartCommerce and MediaScience that shows how unique ad formats with shoppable components perform better than a control for a variety of key ad metrics.

The study sought to quantify the value of shoppable ad units overall compared to standard banners, identify whether specific cart flows or ad formats are more effective drivers of conversions, and obtain consumer feedback on the overall e-commerce experience. The study finds that shoppable ad units drove significantly higher results across awareness, memorability, and purchase intent. 

Two Kargo ad formats (Venti, Breakaway) with commerce-focused CTAs were tested to determine how much attention Kargo shoppable ads garner compared to standard display ads. Additionally, two unique carting flows (Click2Cart and Shopper’s Choice) were tested to better understand the impact carting plays on the effectiveness of shoppable ad units. 

2x attention lift: Users looked at both Kargo ad formats for at least 2x as long and fixated 2x as many times vs. standard banners
2x memory lift: Kargo shoppable ads produced 2x stronger brand memory than standard banners, indicated by significantly higher unaided and aided recall and brand recognition
50% purchase intent lift: Click2Cart and Shopper’s Choice promoted 50% higher purchase completion intent than the standard banner

“Establishing and nurturing direct relationships with customers is a key driver for CPG brands looking to succeed within this ever-changing digital environment. With online grocery sales projected to grow 20% from 2021 to 2022 and ¾ of consumers now buying CPG products online, it is crucial for marketers to lean into new tactics to increase both attention and purchase intent,” said Jennifer Silverberg, CEO at SmartCommerce.

“This study provides scientific evidence that consumers prefer high-impact shoppable advertising for CPG products when compared to standard display ads and that shoppable advertising drives better outcomes for advertisers. E-commerce focused advertising can bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping, enabling brands to create experiences that are more fun and engaging, garnering more favorable brand attitudes, and driving more effective brand memory and purchase intent,” said Dr. Amy Rask, COO at MediaScience.

“CPG advertisers need unique solutions that can increase awareness online and drive purchase intent. Kargo’s high-impact, shoppable ad formats are proven to deliver on both counts. With engaging and differentiated ad campaigns, it’s possible for brands to meet customers where they are and delight them with new experiences that also drive results,” said Michael Shaughnessy, COO at Kargo.

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