Jeremy Cordeaux to leave Fiveaa

Cordeaux’s career spans more than 50 years across radio, TV and print

Another major change at Nova Entertainment Adelaide revealed on Friday too was news Jeremy Cordeaux is leaving Fiveaa at the end of year.

Cordeaux said: “The radio station and I have decided to part company and let me tell you right up front, no bad feelings and no bad blood, we go on the best of terms.

“I’ve been in this business 50 years now, and these people are the best you could find. I’ve been very lucky to have had very good, very long-term relationships with the stations I’ve been with. It’s been a wonderful journey but it ain’t over yet, I will see to that. I have this ambitious gene.”

Jeremy Cordeaux’s career spans more than 50 years across radio, television and print. He started in radio as an office boy and became an on-air presenter, then moved into management as a program manager, managing director and owner of three successful radio stations.

Craig Munn, Fiveaa PD, said, “Fiveaa is extremely grateful for Jeremy’s time with us and the relationship he has developed with listeners and clients. We wish Jeremy all the very best and look forward to him continuing to be a friend of the station.”

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