JCDecaux makeover of Telstra payphone digital kiosks in Perth

The rollout of Telstra kiosks in Melbourne will follow in the New Year

JCDecaux has unveiled the first of its new generation, fully digitised Telstra payphone kiosks in 12 high pedestrian locations in Perth’s CBD, following its recently announced partnership with Telstra to reinvent its national payphone network.

Developed by the JCDecaux Media Lab in Paris in consultation with Telstra, the unique digital kiosks will provide next-level public access and connectivity capabilities to Telstra customers and advertisers alike.

The new-look phone box:

• 12 digital kiosks feature a range of local community services.

• Each kiosk is Wi-Fi enabled, with USB charge docks and mobile integration hubs plus Telstra touchscreens, with partners such as Perth City Council, to display local information for the community.

• Digital kiosks will also feature state-of-the-art 72” digital advertising panels with the screens showcasing six advertising partners.

With wide-scale phased future rollout plans, JCDecaux’s Telstra contract is set to become Australia’s largest national digital out-of-home contract with more than 1,800 digital kiosks proposed across Australia’s five capital cities, starting in Perth, and rolling out over the next two years.

“The new generation Telstra digital kiosks are located in the malls and high pedestrian areas of Perth’s CBD, providing advertisers with a very powerful digital solution in the heart of the city,” JCDecaux national sales director, Oliver Newton, said.

“We will be introducing a brand new format across Australia with unprecedented scale, built for today and primed for the future – a network that we believe will become the most sophisticated digital out-of-home ecosystem in Australia.”

The rollout of Telstra kiosks will follow in the New Year across Melbourne’s CBD.

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